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Our Guarantee

Return Policy:

If after wearing the ANTISNOR Ring according to the correct instructions supplied, the purchaser is not satisfied, simply return the ring and a full refund will be given.

Please return the ring within 30 days of date of purchase, together with the original packaging and your proof of purchase (receipt) along with your name, address and post code or preferred refund details.

Return Address:
23 Maud Steet
Newstead QLD 4006


  1. One refund per household only. No third party claims accepted.
  2. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  3. Refund request must be made within 30 days of purchase.
  4. The refund cheque or credit will be made payable to the purchaser only, to the value shown on the receipt and to a maximum of the purchase price. Please allow 7-28 days for refund.
  5. The promoter accepts no responsibility for claims that are lost or delayed for any reason whatsoever. Proof of purchase required. Proof of posting is not proof of purchase or acceptance of offer.

Please be aware:
The marketplace contains imitation rings claiming to be the original ring worn on the finger for a better night sleep. People purchasing these rings within the USA, Canada & Australia or by mail order outside these countries may have their purchase confiscated by Customs for Patent Infrindgment and illegal importing.

The 'original' ANTISNOR Ring holds:
USA Patent No 7871421
AUSTRALIAN Patent No 767789
CANADIAN Patent No 2393465
International Trade Mark & Copyright

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