Testimonials On The Effectiveness Of The Antisnor Ring

Below is what people have to say about  the Antisnor ring.


*Joe and Marion from Mudgeeraba Old 4213 recently sent in the following testimonial about their experience with the Antisnor Ring.


"I have been wearing the Antisnor Ring most nights for over two years and have found it to be very beneficial. It helps with my breathing and my sleep is quite peaceful.

On the odd occasions that I forget to wear it I find that my sleep is disturbed and I am not nearly as refreshed in the morning. It certainly is good value for the money spent."

— Jim Hollingsworth —

Hi John

Thank you for sending me the medium silver antisnor ring. My wife and I have found these have worked well for reducing snoring and for general improvement of sleep quality for a number of years now.

Best wishes, 

Peter Hobson

University of New England,Armidale,NSW 2351

— Peter Hobson —

"I am writing to thank you for developing the Antisnor Ring, which has provided endless benefits. As a person who has suffered sinus problems since I broke my nose in 1987, I have been on the lookout for a product that would enable an uninterrupted nights sleep. After a recommendation from a friend I thought that for a small cost, it was worth a try.

After a few nights of adjustment, I discovered that by wearing the ring I was sleeping through the night and waking up without the usual heavy head associated with my sinus problems. As a bonus, my wife also told me that her sleep was now much more restful without the heavy, nasal breathing that emanated from the other side of the bed. I realize that you predominantly advertise the ring to stop snoring but your product obviously has benefits for many other people.

I have no hesitation in recommending the use of the Antisnor ring to friends and family and I hope that, in the future you experience much deserved success.

Thanks again"

— John Slinger —

I would like to thank you for this wonderful invention. For the first time in 43 years I am able to get some sleep. My husband and I are now sleeping together ( we’ve only been married for 2 years ). He has only had to wake me once or twice during the night.  I have only been using the ring for the past 5 days.  I feel rested and contented.

Once again thank you.

Daniela Fortini.

Care Coordinator , HARP Chronic Disease Management ,Latrobe Regional Hospital

— Daniela —

"I bought my first Antisnor Ring for my son who’s snoring disturbed the rest of the family, which we particularly noticed whenever we were on holiday. I thought it was a long shot and may not work. He is 15 and very skeptical. However he tried the ring and found he slept better. We noticed he snored less. When holidaying with family - he could now sleep in the same room without disturbing others from the noise.

I was so impressed that I purchased the ring for myself and hubby. Of course we don’t snore ha ha. But both of us have found that we sleep better and it eliminates nearly all snoring. I also wake up with a clear and not blocked nose using this product. I actively recommend the Antisnor Ring to my friends and family as I believe it works and is a non-invasive natural treatment for snoring and to improve sleep.

Thanks for a great product!"

— Sharon, Gosford NSW Australia —